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Friday Links: Miss Piggy and an ambush wedding

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day! Anyone get engaged? If so, just be thankful this wasn’t your proposal. Great recap of the really awkward, basically horrible ambush *cough* oh sorry “flash” wedding GMA staged yesterday. It really broke my heart. In happier news, Miss Piggy is getting married (again). And even happier news, […]

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happy valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are married, single, engaged, pre-engaged, about to get engaged, don’t care about any of it – I wish you lots of love! And now, to honor my Puritan ancestors (seriously, we’re talking the Mayflower, people) and bring you a smile this V-day, I give you Puritan Valentines (courtesy of […]

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brights and stripes

We celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday the Saturday before we left on vacation with a small dinner party hosted at our house. It was just us, my Mom and Dad-in-law and another great couple who are old friends of the family. Since we were in the midst of vacation prepping, I didn’t have a ton of […]

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Friday Links: Naked cakes and eff weddings

  I realize this is a bit extreme considering I work in the wedding industry. But I’ve never hidden the fact that I don’t really love the traditional wedding industry, so with tongue in cheek, I proclaim that I really want this t-shirt: You must also check out their “weddings we love” – especially if […]

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My husband gifted me with a vacation to South Beach and the Florida Keys for Christmas (best. gift. ever). And so last week we jumped on our flight and unplugged. No social media – no Twitter, no Facebook. I removed all my phone notifications so that I’d have no idea when emails came in. It […]

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