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The “styled” issue

I had a bit of a revelation the other day. A hosting revelation. An event epiphany, so to speak. I’ve been fairly vocal on my blog about trying to ease the pressure to be crafty, keeping things simple when it comes to party and wedding decor and DIY projects, and even sharing my own personal […]


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60th Birthday Party

My Mom turned 60 last week. She requested a party so I of course stepped up to help plan it along with my step-dad and sisters. She specifically wanted to dance – she’s an amazing dancer (has been her whole life) and so I knew this would be an important part of the night for […]

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Party Supplies from Oh Joy! at Target

A quick post today to give you a heads up that Target is launching their partnership with Oh Joy! on March 16th. Target partnered with top Pinterest pinners to create party collections and this is their first launch. There will be four Oh Joy for Target collections this year—Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday—each in stores for six weeks […]

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Lip Sync Battle: The party game of the future

On a long drive to my in-laws’ lake house this summer, my husband and I were bored and trying to keep ourselves occupied when we happened upon the greatest idea ever (slight exaggeration). We’d recently watched Jimmy Fallon’s lip syncing contest videos and so to pass the time we started asking each other what song […]

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Holiday Hostess Gifts

The holidays are fast (FAST) approaching. I can’t believe it. I yelped to myself “WHATT??” the other day upon realizing there is only one free weekend before my family arrives. And so – I wanted to share some inexpensive, practical gifts (cause you know I love me some practicality) to bring to those holiday parties […]

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